Atienza Kali Bladed Women’s Self Defense Class

Silak Dianne Atienza has been actively training in Atienza Kali for over 13 years. She has received some of the toughest and most realistic blade training that exists through her husband Tuhon Carl Atienza and the other higher ranks in the family system.
(Dianne Atienza) is offering this Bladed women self defense class to educate women about the dangers that exist and to also install the skill sets that may save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
The main tool in this course will be the blade. The blade is the ultimate force multiplier and what makes a smaller less physical person capable of defeating a larger stronger opponent. But it is not a magic wand. The trade off in having such an effective tool is that one must develop skill in its use.
The first lessons in this program will teach how to hold and manipulate the blade. Then different draw positions from various holstering positions a women would hold or keep a blade. Women wear different clothes and accessorize differently from men so holstering option can differ also. The standard blade grips are also introduced as well as pre-engagement grips such as the cell phone grip and the key grip.
Next will be the proper targeting with the blade. The targeting chain that was developed for this program was carefully designed for the scenarios that women may encounter.

level 1- using a blade against  grappling attacks – dragged into cars, alleys, stairwells etc..
level 2-using a blade against strikes- punches and kicks
level 3-using a blade against knives, blunt weapons etc..
Obviously the higher the level of scenario the more consistent training is needed since the skills development takes more time to install.
The next layer on top of these scenario levels would be to do all the levels in a mass attack scenario. A very important scenario since Silak Dianne has been in this type of violent encounter herself and fought out of it.

Each level is covered in separate classes as well as the accompanying mass attack exercise. What ever can be done one on one must be applied in a multiple opponent scenario.

Using Training Modifiers

Later in the training, tactics such as clearing a scenario with children or other family members by your side are introduced.  A very important training modifier since most violent scenarios will be in the protection of family members.  Being able to engage opponents while on the move with loved ones is extremely important.  Once again something that Silak Dianne has experienced.

The next training modifier then takes the women out in the street so they can go through actual scenarios in the environment they will most probably see. Walking to a car, coming out of a bus stop or train station or walking up to your front door. Important training for footwork coordination since streets are not like matted rooms. Here they will learn to be aware of their surroundings and try to keep their footwork clean.
Higher level training modifiers adds the family factor in. The same scenarios but this time your children or other dependent family members are present and must be protected.

The last lesson is the awareness protocol or the escape and evasion protocol. One of the Main protocols of Atienza Kali. Many people often ask when is it the right time to deploy a blade. Well this is the protocol that teaches exactly that as well as spotting a threat before it gets close.  Most of the time if this protocol is executed the blade will never be deployed. Most of the time….

Silak Dianne will be giving these course at official Atienza Kali training group locations.  Please call for info 201 463 5151

Video clip of Silak Dianne teaching and demonstrating AKBW

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