Start an official Atienza Kali Training Group

Contact Tuhon Carl Atienza for any inquiries about starting a training group: 201-463-5151

A certified Atienza Kali instructor must sponsor the training group and the training group leader. The training group leader must provide a suitable place to train and organize people to attend scheduled training group sessions. Training group leader must also schedule two training group sessions a year with the sponsor of the training group. All participants of the training group must be members of the Atienza Kali Training Association. Joining the AKTA will give the member access to the Atienza Kali member site and info on training not offered to the public.

All training groups can qualify to join the training group tour.

Training group fees:

- Currently Tuhon Carl Atienza and Silak Dianne Atienza instruct all training group sessions

- $200 per person for 6-8 hours of training


- Training group leader must be sponsored by a certified instructor

- Provide place to train

- Provide people willing to train

- Host 2 training group sessions a year

- Every participant must be a member of the AKTA

-Every member must have an Atienza Kali starter RIG at the second training group meeting

-Certified instructor travels to site to train training group

-minimum of 10 participants per training visits

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