May 262017


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May 262017

May 262017

Apr 042017

Open only to Members; Contact your local instructor to discuss attendance.

Jan 302017

To attend a session, contact your local instructor; to attend a GFH class, please sign up at

OCT 7 Atlanta Seminar; Tuhon Intensive
OCT 15 Miami Seminar; Tuhon Intensive
OCT 22 Dallas Seminar
OCT 29 GFH Protective Pen
OCT 28-29 SoCal Seminar; Tuhon Intensive
NOV 4-5 Sayoc Winter Sama Sama
NOV 10-12 Instructor Wknd
NOV 19 GFH Knife 1
NOV 25 GFH Knife 2
NOV 26 GFH Protective Cane
DEC 1-3 Instructor Wknd


FEB 4-5 Winter Session
FEB 11 GFH Cane Class 9AM-1PM
FEB 18 GFH Pen Class 9AM-1PM
FEB 25-26 Ireland Seminar
MAR 4 ATL Seminar
APR 1 NorCal Fundraiser
APR 2 RISU Seminar
APR 2 NorCal Seminar
APR 9 SoCal Seminar
APR 22 GFH Protective Pen 2
APR 23 Central CT Seminar
MAY 5 Atienza C.o.t.M. Hidden Agenda
MAY 6-8 Atienza Call of the Mountain
JUN 10 GFH Pen Class
JUN 17 Counter Assault CT Seminar
JUN 24-25 Survival Bow Making Class with Turtle
JUL 1-3 Sayoc Sama Sama
JUL 16 NYC Seminar
JUL 29-30 CAS
AUG 5 Atlanta Seminar
AUG 5 Long Island Seminar; Tuhon Intensive
AUG 12 GFH Pen Class
AUG 19 Central Jersey Seminar
AUG 20 GFH Knife Class
AUG 20 GFH Staff Event
AUG 26-27 CAS
SEPT 17 Counter Assault CT Seminar; Tuhon Intensive
SEPT 17 Philadelphia Seminar
SEPT 23-24 Primitive Bow & Trapping CANCELLED
Jun 032016

Mar 242016

Contact your local Instructor to attend a session; for GFH please sign up at

AUG 27-28 CAS (Combat Analysis Session)

SEP 11 CT Tuhon Intensive

SEP 24 ATL Tuhon Intensive

OCT 1 Miami Seminar

OCT 15 SoCAL Seminar

OCT 22 NorCAL Seminar

OCT 30 GFH APP1 Class

NOV 5 Central CT Seminar

NOV 6 CT RISU Seminar

NOV 11-13 Instructor Wknd

DEC 2-4 Instructor Wknd

Jan 042015

New Atienza kali members site!
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Jun 172014

May 082014

Iphone Enabled :-)

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